Day 174 – June 23

Today’s Readings:

1 Chronicles 25-26
Acts 7:1-21
Job 18

“Surely such are the dwellings of the wicked,
And this is the place of him who does not know God.” – Job 18:21

These words from Job are an accusal that would apply to two innocent, both Job and Stephen (from the Acts 7). Both men seem to be on trial for their faith that is misunderstood by their fellow believers. We’ve looked at Job before at how we only see the surface of his situation, God has allowed this calamity to befall his favorite son among men, and how Job is judged a sinner because of the devestation in his personal life. Then we have Stephen, a follower of Jesus, one of the seven deacons chosen in the early organization of the Church. Stephen was brought up against charges of blasphemy, probably due to jealousy, and brought false witnesses against him.

Two men, both condemned by their own people. The first due to misreading of the mystery of suffering judge their friend a sinner; the second propped up for a fall because his righteousness made others look ridiculous in their religiosity. And how do these two men respond? They cling to God come what may.

Many times we see opportunities to defend faith, and shy away because we don’t want to get entangled or lose friendships over a discrepancy of faith. Let us learn to choose when it is necessary to speak, and when it is prudent to refrain, not for our own sake, but for the good of the soul before us. May our Lord help us to know the difference.

May God bless you.


Day 128 – May 8

Today’s Readings:

(Corrected: Psalm 122 of the day, and corrupted audio fixed)

2 Samuel 3-4
Luke 24:36-53
Psalm 122

When they had buried Abner in Hebron, the king wept aloud at the grave of Abner, and all the people wept. – 2 Samuel 3:32

We have insight into the character of David today. He had promised King Saul to preserve his house, and he shows earnest distress at the death of Saul’s sons. At this point in his life, He is not attached to power, and does not put the Kingdom before what is right, but honors the memory of Saul and his sons.

How confusing this must have seemed to those who served him, to see David mourn for his enemy. It shows great character and clarity through David’s desire to follow God’s law, and how he valued it over military conquest.

Sometimes we find things going our way at another’s expense. A mistake by the cashier; someone overlooked losing their turn in a game; a promotion that someone else was more deserving. Not all these things are we able to step in and intervene, but they are moments we must weigh the justice of the event, and to seek to make it right however we can.

The Lord chose David as a man after his own heart. We will watch and see what alters that relationship as we read on in the coming days. Today, let us place our hearts before God, and seek after His heart. May we be found righteous and virtuous before Him alone.

May God bless you.