Day 63 – March 4

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 21-22
Mark 9:1-29
Psalm 63

“Jesus said to him, “‘If you can!’ Everything is possible to one who has faith.” Then the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe, help my unbelief!”” – Mark 9:23-24

The father of the boy had come to Jesus seeking healing for his son. He then watched helplessly the failed attempts by the apostles to heal him. His faith was shaken, and the best he could say to Jesus was, “If you can…”

What do we let shake our faith? Perhaps someone who works in the church does something that seems to contradict what they should be about. Maybe we, or someone close to us, has experienced loss of a loved one for whom we have been praying for. Or, because of a poor example, we’ve heard people say: “If this is what it means to be a Christian, it’s not for me.”

Human beings will disappoint. Rather than giving up, let us be like the father in this gospel passage, and bring our situation to Jesus, doubts and all, and ask God to strengthen our moment of weakness and turn it into a moment of grace and healing.

“I do believe, help my unbelief!”

It is a good prayer for us all.

May God Bless you.



Day 58 – February 27

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 11-12
Mark 6:1-29
Psalm 58

“The Lord answered Moses: Is this beyond the Lord’s reach?”   – Numbers 11:23

It must have been an overwhelming situation for Moses. To have the grumbling of a massive amount of people craving what they left behind in Egypt, surround you and demand food. He could not begin to conceive in his mind how such a great mass of people – the army alone had 600 thousand soldiers! – would begin to be fed.

The Lord answers, “Is this beyond the Lord’s reach?”

What is going on in your life today? Are there moments where you forget to breathe, afraid that the reality you see is not enough to take care of what needs to be done?

Let the Lord say to you too, “Is this beyond the Lord’s reach?”

Lord, we thank you for being our everything. Sometimes life can get the best of us and we forget who You are. Nothing is beyond Your reach. Enter into our lives to day, and open our hearts to grow in trust of Your divine power.

Nothing is beyond the Lord’s reach. I believe. Amen.

May God bless you!


Day 50 – February 19

Today’s Readings:

Leviticus 21-22
Mark 1:1-22
Psalm 50

“Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever. They immediately told him about her. He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up. Then the fever left her and she waited on them.”  – Mark 1:30-31

Today we read the first recorded miracle in the gospel of Mark – Jesus dispels an unclean spirit. After leaving the synagogue, the scene shifts to Simon’s house where his mother-in-law is in bed with a fever. Perhaps Jesus had gone there for a break, a time for prayer and food. But no sooner than entering the home, he is told about the sick woman, and heals her of her fever.

The scene tells us something about the disciples. They haven’t been following Jesus for very long, yet, they have already made a habit of sharing their inmost hearts and concerns with him. They show the makings of trust and relationship with Jesus. And Jesus responds with a readiness, a genuine interest to take care of their needs.

Do we approach Jesus with our needs with such simplicity? Wanting to talk with Him as we would our best friend? There is no special formula of prayer necessary to get Jesus’ attention; He simply tells us to come to Him with the faith of a child (Matthew 18:3).

Let us ask for the gift of such a relationship with Jesus, inviting Him to be part of our daily – hourly lives! He desires to be the friend that responds to our every word and request with genuine love and interest in our daily struggles.

May God bless you!


Day 47 – February 16

Today’s Readings:

Leviticus 15-16
Matthew 27:51-66
Psalm 47

“Truly, this man was the Son of God.”   – Matthew 37:54

As the Centurion stood at the foot of the Cross, he came to belief in Jesus. We are reminded of Jesus’ words found in John 12:32: He foretold of this day when he said,

“…when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.”

Jesus was lifted up from the earth and hung on the Cross. The Centurion was at the Cross not because of believe but because of his military assignment. And God drew him into the mystery, giving him faith in Jesus through the  powerful sign of the Cross.

When you look at the Cross, are you drawn in to the Mystery? We too have the opportunity, like the Centurion, to come to the Cross and be drawn to Jesus. Let us make time to enter into the mystery and be bathed in His loving embrace – the Greatest Love man can know.

May God bless you!


Day 37 – February 6

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 31-33
Matthew 23:23-39
Psalm 37

“…you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters…” – Matthew 23:23

The Pharisees were meticulous in keeping the law to the minutest degree. For them to bother to tithe their kitchen herbs – it would have been only a small clump, since it wasn’t a crop that you would have copious amounts of – it shows how much they measured their outward displays of faithfulness. Jesus makes the point, not that they did these things but that they paid too much attention to them, at the expense of other things left unattended to.

It could be like a person who throws himself into helping at Church, but fails to help his own son with his homework. Or one who is comes to the Sacraments with a good attitude and reverence, but then is disrespectful towards her co-workers. They have lost their sense of right order, or proportion.

Let us take account today in our lives, of the things we invest ourselves in. Do they really matter? Or are we getting wrapped up in only the superfluous and letting the things that really matter pass us by?

May God bless you!