Day 139 – May 19

Today’s Readings:

1 Kings 1-2
John 6:22-44
Psalm 133

An Introduction to 1-2 Kings

1st and 2nd Kings were originally just one book, but when it was translated from Hebrew – which has no vowels and was thus quite compact – to Greek and Latin, it did not fit on one scroll. Thus the division.

The Books of the Kings were probably written around the time of Josiah’s reform (641-609BC), after the kingdom of Israel had been destroyed. Today we will begin reading of the rise of King Solomon’s rule. After his rule, we will watch the kingdom unravel and become divided, with ten tribes of Israel in the North (they will call themselves Israelites), and Judah (the tribes Judah and Benjamin) in the South (and they will call themselves Jews), in Jerusalem.

How good and how pleasant it is,
when brothers dwell together as one!
Like dew of Hermon coming down
upon the mountains of Zion.
There the Lord has decreed a blessing,
life for evermore!
Psalm 133:1,3

The psalm today speaks of peace and unity, but we begin the transition of power from David to Solomon with bloodshed among brothers. We stand on the sidelines and will watch the tragedy unfold of the Kingdom of Israel split in two, and will come to a point where both kingdoms will eventually be destroyed.

God promises one to sit on the thrown of David forever, yet it seems that all will be lost. As we continue to read the narrative of the kings, let us ponder how God’s ways are not our own. He will fulfill His promise in Jesus, the Bread of Life. We will look at that tomorrow.

May God bless you.


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