Day 57 – February 26

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 9-10
Mark 5:21-43
Psalm 57

“She had suffered greatly at the hands of many doctors and had spent all that she had. Yet she was not helped but only grew worse. She had heard about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak.”   – Mark 5:26-27 

The Synagogue Official and the woman with a hemorrhage both were in desperate situations. The Synagogue Official was on the verge of losing his beloved daughter; the woman with a hemorrhage has run out of money and after years of trying, her illness only got worse. Both chose to make one last attempt – risking everything – to have help from Jesus.

In the Official’s case, he was a man of some importance in Synagogue circles; he was part of a social group that probably didn’t look favorably upon Jesus. To him, Jesus was more a renegade than a messiah. He turned to every other outlet, and came to Jesus only because he had no other option left. He came in desperation, humiliating himself by falling at Jesus’ feet.

The woman’s story isn’t that different. She too had run out of options, having tried everything in order to have her health restored, and at the end of her attempts, she was broke and her affliction was only worsened. She makes one last-ditch attempt by sneaking up behind Jesus and touching his clothes. In the end, she too finds herself at the feet of Jesus.

Two reluctant people, who come to Jesus out of their desperate need. Jesus certainly knew they would have preferred to have had another option. He didn’t mind; he extends mercy to them just the same.

We all know someone like the Synagogue Official or the incurable woman, so full of need and so unwilling to seek restoration and healing through Jesus. Maybe we ourselves are in this state. Jesus offers his mercy to us just the same, but we must be willing to come to Him.

May God bless you!



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