Day 55 – February 24

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 5-6
Mark 4:21-41
Psalm 55

“Take care what you hear. The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you, and still more will be given to you.”   – Mark 4:3-8 

This little teaching by Jesus is a life lesson on balance, like the scales that measure one value against another, so Jesus is giving us a reminder that in life we get what we put into it; our getting is determined by our giving.

Some examples:

Bible Study. When one studies the Bible, the more he applies himself, naturally the more he gets from the study. When one reads a passage and doesn’t understand what he read, he may choose to just keep going until he comes to something that is easier. Or, he may stop at the passage that puzzles him, take time in studying its meaning, and be richly rewarded and finds a deeper appreciation and love for the God’s word.

Worship. When one comes to Church, he may feel grateful just to arrive before the service starts, but there are some ways that can be more fruitful than others once he is there.

  • Come to Mass prepared to contribute to the liturgy with one’s participation (you will get more out of it when you put more of yourself into it).
  • Come with an attitude that you have an appointment with God – you come for Him!
  • Come prepared. Take time – even if only a few moments – to be alone with God before you arrive at the Church. This helps us to unlock ourselves from the habitual coming to an intentional being with God.

Relationships. The teaching by Jesus also applies to our attitude in our relationships with others. What do we put into our relationships?

  • Do we look for the good in another? That is what we will most likely cultivate.
  • Do we find fault with others? That is the kind of person we will attract to ourselves.
  • If we risk to love others first, love will come back to us.

Again, as we approach Lent, it is a great opportunity to be more intentional in our seeking of God, and serving our neighbor. What measure we put into it, will be the measure that we get out of it. May our Lord help us to strive for such a balance.

May God bless you!



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