Day 45 – February 14

Today’s Readings:

Leviticus 11-12
Matthew 27:1-26
Psalm 45

“Pilate said to him, “Do you not hear how many things they are testifying against you?” But he did not answer him one word, so that the governor was greatly amazed.”   – Matthew 27:13-14

Pilate was not known to be a pushover. He governed over the Israelites with a lack of cultural sensitivity and a healthy dose of arrogance. When Jesus was brought before him, he saw the annoyance of the Jewish leadership only looking to eliminate an inconvenience. In movies and commentaries, Pilate is often portrayed as one stuck between a rock and a hard place, wanting to avoid spilling this man’s blood.

Strange no? A man who had a whole village – Tirabatha -slaughtered later on, had misgivings about putting a carpenter to death? That is, unless Pilate had an encounter.

Is it possible that during Pilate’s inquiry with Jesus, he had a glimpse of who was really standing before him?

He hesitated. Perhaps he trembled slightly. and he too pondered, “is this more than an ordinary man before me?” Was Pilate touched somehow by Jesus’ power?

Let us take time today to ponder the power of Jesus dwelling in us, and be in awe of His Majesty cloaked in humility.

May God bless you!


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