Day 22 – January 22

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 46-48
Matthew 14:22-36
Psalm 22

The Disciples are out in the boat being tossed about by the waves, and Jesus comes to them walking on the water, and they are terrified thinking He is a ghost. He calls to them not to be afraid, for it is He.

Then Peter gets up his courage and begins to walk on the water toward Jesus but at one point loses his audacity and begins to sink when he becomes aware of what is happening around him.

What we witness here is what is common to us all: a delicate dance between fear and faith. Our hearts were meant to trust God, and find courage in the turbulence of our lives. But often, like Peter, we want to trust, yet find ourselves faltering when we feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life.

In retrospect, when we look back at a moment in time where our hearts stumbled from faith to fear, we sometimes find ourselves saying, “What was I afraid of?”

One acronym for fear explains this well: False-Evidence-Appearing-Real.

May the Lord help us to walk in faith in every moment, and when we feel the waves of uncertainty rising, let us turn to Him, and renew our faith in Him and confidently go out to Him.

Let us let the words of Jesus return to us: “Be not afraid.”

May God bless you!

Note: “Be not afraid” is the most often repeated phrase in the whole Bible. Here is a handy list of where to find “Be not afraid” in the Bible.


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