Day 20 – January 20

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 41-42
Matthew 13:31-58
Psalm 20

Today we hear Jesus teaching in parables about the kingdom of Heaven. In his parable of the treasure hidden in the field, it begs us to ask what was the man doing in the field? I imagine he was going about his daily routine, perhaps working in the field, digging furrows for crops or digging deep to find water. It was in this daily activity/work that he came across the treasure.

This parable, while applied to the Kingdom of Heaven, is also a lesson for us to consider the effects of prayer. We can go ‘looking’ for the treasure (Jesus) in churches, and making visits to the Blessed Sacrament is a splendid. But we can also find our Lord by being mindful of Him in our daily, ordinary tasks, and building a habit of faithfulness in our prayer. Like the man in the field, he found the treasure because he was turning over stones, of his diligence to his task, we too can uncover the treasure of faith by turning over the stones of our prayer to God.

The question is: will we sell all we have to possess it?

May God bless you!


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