Day 19 – January 19

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 39-40
Matthew 13:1-30
Psalm 19

In today’s Gospel reading we hear the parable of the seed, and how the sower indescriminately pours out the seed on the terrain. The seed represents God’s Word, but it can also be seen as a sign of God’s abundant outpouring of grace. It falls on all of us, irregardless of our deserving it or not. Then, if God is pouring out his grace upon all of us, why do we not make great strides toward perfection in the Christian life? Why do we not see more conversions to faith?

Many times we inadvertantly walk around with invisible umbrellas over our heads shielding us from the downpour of grace. We are not receptive to the gift of grace because of the hardness of our hearts; like the path in the parable that is hard and the seed (grace) cannot penetrate it.

What is the state of your soul’s receptivity to grace? Is it like the trodden path? Is it weak like that among the thorns? Is it like the rocky ground where it can’t get rooted in the Word? Or, is it rich soil that is receptive to God’s working in your life?

Let us ask the Lord to soften our hearts that they may become receptive to His outpouring of grace, and be transformed more into His likeness.

May God bless you!

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