Day 14 – January 14

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 27-28
Matthew 10:1-20
Psalm 14

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus selects twelve disciples. These were very ordinary men from various walks of life, who became companions of Jesus for the next three years. But why did Jesus choose these twelve? They had no wealth; no prestigious educational background, no social position. They were very common, working-class people. They came from different political points of view. Simon the Zealot in any other situation would have no qualms of killing Matthew the tax-collector because he aided foreign rulers (which the Zealots couldn’t stand). If the two of them met on the street, it would not have gone well. Yet, here Jesus gathers opposites and makes them become friends. Simon and Matthew came to love one another because they first learned to love Jesus.

This is the hallmark of a Christian community. Look intently the next time you go to Church and see the diversity around you. What do you see? Perhaps various ethnicities, ages, working class, executives, housewives and postal workers … all of them united because of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for bringing us together despite our differences to learn to love what before would have been impossible. Continue to help us to expand the tents of our hearts to reach out to others who are different than we are, and find that we can be one in You.

May God bless you!



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