Day 13 – January 13

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 25-26
Matthew 9:18-38
Psalm 13

In our gospel reading today, we come across three healing stories: The synagogue ruler and his daughter; the hemorrhaging woman; and the two blind men. Barclay’s commentary (p. 340) suggests that these recipients of Jesus’ powers came to him with imperfect intentions. Let’s look at each one for a moment:

  • The synagogue ruler came to Jesus after trying every other kind of treatment for his daughter. It was only after those failed that he saw Jesus as his last resort. He comes to Jesus with an imperfect motive; he didn’t come out of love for Jesus, but because he had no where else to turn.
  • The woman with the 12-year hemorrhage felt the need to touch Jesus in order to be healed of her affliction. This need to touch him can be interpreted as a kind of superstition, or an inadequate faith.
  • The two blind men call Jesus ‘Son of David’, which could be interpreted as perhaps, a political title. Did they think Jesus would be the conquering war hero to free them from the oppressive Romans? They came to Jesus with a very poor conception of who Jesus is.

All of them approach Jesus in an inadequate way and yet all encounter His love. None of them were fully open to the divine mystery that was before them, yet, Jesus met them where they were. We can learn two lessons here.

The first, don’t wait until your life perfectly put together to come to Jesus. He is ready to receive us in our current state.

The second lesson, we cannot judge another’s motivation, state of faith, nor if their concept of Jesus is mistaken.  Jesus is ready to take us in, even when we are not properly disposed to receive him fully.

Let us approach our Lord, recognizing our weaknesses, trusting that Jesus will meet us as we are and transform us to what we ought to be. Amen

May God bless you!



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