Day 4 – January 4

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 7-8
Matthew 4
Psalm 4

Today we read the story of Noah and his family entering the ark, and how this boat becomes their refuge from the floodwaters, until the rains abated and the land was once again dry. The ark can be seen as a type of the Church, where it too is tossed about on the sea of disbelief, of temptation, of division. But where the ark differs from the Church, is in the kind of salvation that each brought forth. The ark was refuge to Noah, his wife, their sons and their sons’ wives. Eight people were saved from physical destruction. The Church on the other hand, is the antitype of the ark, by which salvation from spiritual destruction is offered to all.

We do not have to work like Noah to build anything in order to find refuge from the storms of life. The work has already been done. All we need to do is to get inside the Ark, the Church, and trust and wait until the storm passes, and our souls reach their destination, our eternal salvation.

May God bless you!


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